By Jennifer Parris

Whether it’s by bottle or breast (or both), you’ve been solely responsible for feeding your baby. But now, your not-so-little one is showing signs that she might be interested in using a utensil, and there’s no better introduction to fine dining than a spoon. So when do you teach your baby to use a spoon? While it might be sooner than you think, be prepared for a long process.

You can cue the cutlery for your cutie right about the time when your baby begins eating solid food. “You can introduce spoons to your child as soon as you start solid foods,” Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP, a pediatric feeding specialist, tells Romper. “You’ll still be spending a lot of time spoon-feeding your baby, but early and consistent exposure to self-spooning can really go a long way.”

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