Solutions for School-Day Breakfasts

By Natalie Hammer Noblitt

Many consider it the most important meal of the day, but a healthy and filling breakfast can get lost in the shuffle while rushing everyone out the door for school and work. Retailers can help parents and kids find satisfying options that will jumpstart young minds and provide go-to foods they’ll come back for throughout the year.

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Empowering Parents to Raise Happy, Healthy Eaters

By Melanie Braga

This month’s “Mom of the Month” is an inspiring woman who is changing the way we parent in the kitchen. She is providing resources to empower parents to raise happy, healthy eaters. This change maker is Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP and I am thrilled to have her as this month’s Mom of the Month. Melanie is an international speaker, author and certified speech language pathologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of feeding disorders, including picky eating.

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Step Away From the Sippy Cup!

By Melanie Potock

Sippy Cups became all the rage in the 1980s, along with oversized shoulder pads, MC Hammer parachute pants and bangs that stood up like a water spout on top of your head.   A mechanical engineer, tired of his toddler’s trail of juice throughout the house, set out to create a spill-proof cup that would “outsmart the child.”  Soon,  Playtex® offered a licensing deal, the rest is history and I suspect  that mechanical engineer is now comfortably retired and living in a sippy-cup mansion on a tropical island in the South Pacific.

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Valentine Veggie Parties

By Melanie Potock

I often have parents who want my sessions to focus on helping kids learn to eat healthier foods, especially vegetables. On the journey to developing the oral motor skills necessary for biting, chewing and swallowing a variety of vegetables, simply interacting with these foods via food crafts and food play develops a positive relationships with Brussels sprouts, carrots and more.  Holidays offer ideal opportunities for food play, especially Valentine’s Day.

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Giving Up the Pacifier: How and When to Do It

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes

The earlier you can get rid of the paci, the easier it will be, says Melanie Potock, a speech language pathologist and co-author of Raising a Happy, Healthy Eater. “There’s a period of rapid cognitive growth around age two which results in your child realizing that she has a bit of control over you and your actions,” she explains. So when kids hit those (sometimes terrible) twos, they’re more likely to protest paci removal. For kids who are 3, the attachment is more emotional than physical, so your approach can be rather matter-of-fact (see ‘Discuss broken’, below).

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9 Ways Moms Help Their Kids Cut Back on Sugary Drinks

By Liz Alterman

When we think of kids consuming sugar, we typically picture cupcakes, cookies, and maybe even ice cream, but it turns out they’re drinking plenty of it, too. In light of recent a study that showed close to 30 percent of kids consume two or more sugary beverages a day, we asked moms and dads to share some of their best strategies for keeping kids away from super-sweet beverages.

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How To Raise A Kid Who’s Not A Picky Eater (Tricks That ACTUALLY Work)

By Melanie Potock

Almost every night for dinner for more than a year, my 2-year-old daughter food jagged on Cheerios and milk.  Kids who “food jag” rely heavily on a preferred, familiar food. Although this is a common stage in toddlers, it was frustrating and stressful to go through. I couldn’t understand why trying a green bean was such a big deal.

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Picky Eaters: It’s Not About Taste; It’s About Flavor

By Melanie Potock MA

In 1970, I was sitting in my elementary school science class when my teacher put an illustration of giant pink tongue on the overhead projector. Arrows pointed to the four areas of the tongue where specific tastes would be detected: sweet on the very tip and salty on either side of sweet. Sour was found on the outer margins of the tongue and bitter at the very back.

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If You Give My Picky Eater Some Turkey…

By Melanie Potock MA

An open letter to any relative who plans to invite my family to Thanksgiving dinner: In the spirit of the season, I want to thank you and yours for inviting my family and our little picky eater to your traditional Thanksgiving celebration.  I should warn you that my sweet 3-year-old isn’t always the most adventurous eater and may turn up her nose at the traditional holiday fare, but I have a few helpful tips for you here:

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5 Fun Ways to Get Kids Drinking More Water

By Melanie Potock MA

As an SLP specializing in pediatric feeding, I often get parents and physicians asking me how to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to drink more water.

Many young kids in feeding treatment get “stuck” on one type of liquid, typically breast milk, formula or a supplemental high-calorie drink. Introducing water ensures that kids don’t fill their bellies with their favorite milk-like drinks and reduce their appetite for trying new foods. Plus, water is essential for gut health, regular bowel movements, and dental and vocal hygiene.

Here are five fun ways to help young clients enjoy drinking water:

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