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ARFID Masterclass: The Anxious Eater

Coach Mel’s  Masterclasses are your opportunity to dive deep into a hot topic in pediatric feeding. More than just a PowerPoint presentation – this is online learning that takes it up a notch.


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ARFID Masterclass

Appetite: How to Foster Hunger & Wean Kids from Tube Feedings

Explore the science of appetite in young children and learn how to wean children from tube feedings. This course focuses on the research, practical strategies & the importance of appetite regulation to help children transition to oral feeds.   

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How to Foster Hunger Masterclass

Food Allergies:
Safe Introduction & Management in Feeding Therapy

Pediatric food allergies are ever evolving and speech pathologists must be aware of the current research in order to provide safe and effective feeding therapy sessions.  This presentation provides the most up-to-date, evidence-based research and current recommendations when starting solids for infants and toddlers with and without a family history of food allergies. Essential safety precautions during feeding therapy sessions are paramount.  Culturally responsive services and food equality will be addressed in both the context of providing feeding services to pediatric patients and supporting families in their home.

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Food Allergies Masterclass