By Katie Prouty

Picky eating. Not my favorite phrase but this is normal. Yes, normal and a temporary part of childhood development. Fussing over eating broccoli? Normal. Doesn’t want carrots but happily ate them yesterday? Normal. Only drinks from that one, dang green cup? Normal. I love [this] article by pediatric feeding specialist Melanie Potock, fellow SLP. She mentions red flags that may warrant a discussion and/or referral to a specialist (speech or occupational therapist). If any of these stand out to you, definitely consult with your ped.

  1. Consistent avoidance of particular foods
  2. Extreme pickiness when deciding what to eat
  3. Gagging when presented with certain foods
  4. Anxiety around trying new foods
  5. Difficulty chewing and/or swallowing
  6. Weight loss/slow growth
  7. Extremely limited range of “safe” foods

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