A Mom asked “I want my 4-year-old son to drink Orgain Kids™ Protein Shake, because it’s so nutritious. But he will only drink regular chocolate milk, and way too much of it!  How can I help him make the shift to something healthier?”

We asked pediatric feeding expert, Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP to answer this one – and she replied with some great tips!

First, my hat’s off to this mom for seeking help on ways to provide her child with delicious, organic nutrition!  It’s so easy for kids to get stuck on a preferred food – even a favorite drink. Kids sometime need a gradual introduction to new drinks and foods. The best approach is to help your child adjust to new tastes in step-by-step increments, offer plenty of tastes over time, and gradually “fade in” the organic nutritional shake.

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