Have you been told by your pediatrician that “all kids go through picky eating states?” Or perhaps you’ve been waiting for your child to outgrow picky eating because you’ve been reassured that it’s normal and just a phase?

If you’ve had a picky eater or are currently trying to help your picky eater be more adventurous with foods, you are going to love this podcast.

Our guest, Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP, treats children birth to teens who have difficulty eating. She is the co-author of Parenting in the Kitchen: How to Raise Happy and Healthy Eaters in Our Chicken Nugget World, the author of Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids and the producer of the award-winning kids’ CD Dancing in the Kitchen: Songs that Celebrate the Joy of Food!  She is an international speaker and media expert on feeding and has contributed content to Huffington Post, Parents Magazine, Natural Baby,  special needs publications and more.