Book Club Guide

Book Clubs LOVE Raising a Healthy Happy Eater! Download your Book Club Guide here and get the discussion questions (and recipes!) for your next meeting!


Check out our Yum Score to help kids practice tasting food. The Yum Score can be printed on colorful paper, cut and laminated into strips and doubles also as a great bookmark! Use it to encourage kids to talk about how they enjoy food. Even kids who are still learning to speak can point to a face! Let kids know that food takes practice and they more they practice the more “yummy” food can taste!


Vegitos are a fun way for your little ones to start enjoying their vegetables. Make sure to check out more recipes in “Raising a Healthy Happy Eater” and check out our Vegitos recipe in action in one of or Kitchen Club videos!


To help kids understand the feeding schedule with predictable times for eating and breaks for other activities, post this “Kitchen Closed” sign. To learn more about technique subscribe to our premium content.


Teaching your child to use a straw doesn’t have to be hard. Check out Coach Mel’s step by step instructions on how to use a straw to drink liquids and watch the video in our premium content. Wondering about about teaching a little one how to drink from an open cup (without spilling everywhere)? Check out our video!


Energy Bites are a great snack to make with your kids. As you make the recipe, let your child try the ingredients separately, and then have fun mixing and shaping them with your hands. Here’s a recipe for Pumpkin Energy Bites, or check out “Raising a Healthy Happy Eater” for even more variations!

“Guess the Veggie” can be a fun way to explore veggies in an adventurous way! Check out this fun game and learn the detail on how to play by subscribing and watching our “Guess the Veggie” video!


The “Green Dragon Smoothie” is an absolute FAVORITE recipe at the Doctor Yum Project and a great way to get you kids to love greens. It’s full of great tropical flavors and tons of FIBER.

Check out the recipe HERE.