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The Pacifier Course

Everything You Need to Know from Choosing the Right One
to Weaning Babies and Toddlers

Have you ever noticed that those adorable pacifier packages never tell you how to wean your child, or when it’s most important?  Whether you have a new baby or an older toddler, this course provides the answers to your most pressing questions.

  • Why do some professionals suggest waiting to introduce a pacifier, and when is it too late?
  • Which pacifier shape is best?  Why is there so much debate on social media about that?
  • What benefits are provided by pacifiers?  What risks?
  • When it the optimal age to wean and how do we help baby wean?
  • What about toddlers? How long can I wait to wean?
  • Should I switch my toddler to a different pacifier for the best mouth development?
  • Can’t I just slowly cut off the tip of the paci?  What’s wrong with that method?
  • What about thumb and finger sucking?  Are pacifiers the better option?
  • Once my child is weaned, what are common concerns and scenarios I need to be aware of?

PLUS Problem solving strategies if your child…

  • Weans early but starts to suck their thumb
  • Has no other way to comfort themselves
  • Insists on pacifiers in the daytime
  • Relies on the pacifier to fall asleep
  • Begins to chew the sleeves and collars of their clothes instead

Download full-color graphics to support you and your child during the wean.  Need extra assistance?  Sign up for a coaching call with Melanie after taking the course to customize a personal plan for paci-weaning.  Contact Melanie here for coaching.

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    • Group discounts available for 5 or more viewers.  Contact Melanie.

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