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Ethics and Social Media

Commenting about the Competition

This course is 1.0 hours or ASHA 0.1 CEUs, under the title “Ethics and Social Media: Commenting about the Competition”.  ASHA CEUs are provided through TalkTools®, an ASHA CE Approved Provider.

Session Description

The American Speech Language Hearing Association states  The four Principles of Ethics form the underlying philosophical basis for the Code of Ethics and are reflected in the following areas: (I) responsibility to persons served professionally and to research participants, both human and animal; (II) responsibility for one’s professional competence; (III) responsibility to the public; and (IV) responsibility for professional relationships.” ( ) This blended course includes reviewing the Code and a video presentation focused on Principles III and IV as they relate to commenting about other professionals on social media.  The presentation offers specific strategies to foster collaboration among professionals and suggestions on how to reduce the competitive nature fueled by comments on social media.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this presentation, the viewer will

  1. Show clear understanding of the ASHA Code of Ethics
  2. Discuss the definition of defamation as it pertains to ethical commenting on social media
  3. Describe 2 strategies to build collaboration among professionals on social media

Time-ordered Agenda – 60 minutes total

  • 24 minutes: Pre-reading ASHA Code of Ethics
  • 3 minutes: Introductions & Disclosures
  • 10 minutes: Engaging & Not Defaming
  • 10 minutes: Action Plan to Address Regrettable Comments
  • 13 minutes: Shifting to a Collaborative Mindset

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Faculty Information and Disclosures

Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP, is an international speaker on the topic of feeding babies, toddlers and school age kids. She is the co-author of the award-winning Raising a Healthy Happy Eater: A Stage-by-Stage Guide to Setting Your Child on the Path to Adventurous Eating (2015) and the upcoming Responsive Feeding: The Baby-First Guide to Stress-Free Weaning, Healthy Eating, and Mealtime Bonding (Jan 2022). The tips in her activity cookbook for parents & kids, Adventures in Veggieland: Help Your Kids Learn to Love Vegetables with 100 Easy Activities and Recipes (2018) are based on the latest research and Melanie’s 20 years of success as a pediatric feeding therapist. Melanie’s children’s book You are Not an Otter takes preschoolers on a food adventure, exploring all the ways that various animals eat! Melanie’s advice has been shared in a variety of television and print media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Parents Magazine. Contact her at and follow Mel on Instagram and Facebook too!

Financial: Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is the author of Responsive Feeding, Adventures in Veggieland and the co-author of Raising a Healthy Happy Eater: A Stage-by-Stage Guide to Setting Your Child on the Path to Adventurous Eating, for which she receives royalty payments. She is the co-author of Baby Self-Feeding: Solid Food Solutions to Create Lifelong Healthy Eating Habits and was paid to write the book but does not receive royalties.. Melanie is the executive producer of the children’s music CD titled Dancing in the Kitchen and receives royalties. Ms. Potock owns My Munch Bug, LLC and the online educational courses and profits from registrations online. Ms. Potock is an international speaker who presents a variety of courses and is paid to present these courses at various virtual and live events. She owns a therapy practice for the assessment and treatment of feeding challenges in children and is paid for that service. She may receive a stipend for some articles that may appear online or in magazines.

Non-financial: Melanie Potock is a past-contributor to the American Speech Language Hearing Association’s blog, The ASHA Leader, and she was not compensated. She may not receive a stipend for some articles that appear online or in magazines and this varies month to month, depending on media needs. She is the co-author of Dr. Yum’s Preschool Food Adventure, a preschool food education curriculum and does not receive compensation for her role in the creation or support of that program.

Melanie Potock

CEU Information

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CEUs are provided through TalkTools®, an ASHA CE Approved Provider.

Ethics and Social Media CEU