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Bye-Bye Bottles!

Everything you need to know
to wean your child off the bottle.



Once baby has started solids, it’s time to plan for bottle weaning! No matter how old your child is, this course provides the answers to your most pressing questions:

  • Why do dentists and speech pathologist stress the importance of bottle weaning sooner than later?
  • How do prolonged use of bottles impact feeding development and facial structure?
  • What vital steps at 6 months of age help to shift baby from bottle feedings to cups after their first birthday?
  • Which cup is the best one to start with, and why?
  • What benefits are there to straw cups over open cups?
  • What about 360 cups and other “spill-proof”options, like spouted or valved cups? How do those affect feeding development?
  • What’s the best way to eliminate that final bottle and be 100% bottle-free?
  • What about older kids? Don’t they need the bottle for comfort?
  • What specific strategies help make the transition easier for older toddlers?
  • How much milk, water and other beverages does a toddler really need?

PLUS, problem solving strategies if your child…

  • Refuses to drink milk from anything other than a bottle
  • Doesn’t like milk
  • Dumps the open cup!
  • Needs a drink in bed
  • Spills too often with open cups
  • Chews on straw cups

Download full-color graphics to support you and your child during the wean. 

Need extra assistance?  Contact Melanie for a coaching call with Melanie after taking the course to customize a personal plan for bottle-weaning.

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