Parenting a Fussy or Picky Eater?

Picky Eating Can Begin With Common Feeding Practices

Your child doesn’t come with a feeding manual.  Picky eating in babies, toddlers and older kids is more common than you realize with 25% of typically developing children never growing out of it.

Using the wrong spoon ♦ Limiting your child’s diet to “kid foods” like chicken-nuggets  

Improper positioning in the high chair ♦ Using sippy cups instead of straws

Preparing separate foods for kids and adults ♦ Offering too many snacks ♦ Dependence on "pediatric" milks

Melanie Potock’s courses, books & articles focus on raising kids to be healthy, happy eaters.  From babies to toddlers to teens, “Coach Mel” is here to help.

Oranges with Mel

Pediatric Feeding Expert and Author

Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is a mom who once had a picky eater.  She’s experienced first-hand the stress that parents feel when they are worried about their child’s nutritional health.  Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Melanie blending her knowledge of feeding therapy with practical parenting strategies that help the entire family eat healthier.  She’s an international speaker and author of three books, including co-authoring the award-winning Raising a Healthy Happy Eater.  Whether you're raising a child who seems to be on the path to loving all kinds of healthy foods (and you want to keep it that way) or if your child is stuck in the chicken nugget rut, “Coach Mel” is here to guide you.

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Events & Seminars

Audiences say it best: If you are looking for a professional speaker who can “provide practical solutions” for parents, caregivers and therapists and your company needs a “highly knowledgeable, organized presenter” with “energy and enthusiasm” who can deliver a “dynamic course”, then your best choice is Melanie Potock.


It's here! Melanie's fourth book to teach you how to raise a healthy happy eater.

Picky Eater Course

Now, you’ve got the only on-demand course that includes a pediatrician plus a feeding specialist to guide you from purees to a wide variety of healthy foods.  Short and easy instructional videos help you navigate the most common feeding mistakes. Don’t wait until you have troubles at the table. But,if you already do, we can help. 

Mealtime Coaching

Parents often seek out Mel’s expertise for a variety of concerns including how to make mealtimes less stressful and how to encourage kids to try new foods.  Schedule an appointment to speak with Melanie.


Each time we come to see the grandchildren in Colorado, we see that our grandson’s behaviors and eating patterns have improved. Having you come on board to coach us all has been a gift to us from God. We are so thankful for all you have done.
Grandmother of a child with autism