Need to contact Melanie?  

Parent Inquiries

Melanie provides parent coaching via pre-scheduled phone consults for one hour as needed. These consults are strictly educational in nature and not intended to be feeding therapy.  Coaching is not covered by insurance.  Parents often seek out Mel’s expertise for a variety of concerns including how to make mealtimes less stressful and how to encourage kids to try new foods.  It is highly recommended that you take The Picky Eater Course before setting up a personal consult with Coach Mel in order to get the most information to help your child.

Due to the high number of emails Melanie receives asking for advice, it is not possible for her to respond to each one.  The best way to reach Melanie is to set up a one hour consult.

Media Inquiries

Please use the contact form.  Phone calls for media requests can often be set up on the same day that an email is received.

Product Consulting

Got a product that’s focused on kids and food?  Melanie provides professional consulting to companies large and small to ensure that a product meets a child's developmental needs.  Knowing how a child learns to become a healthy, happy eater is essential to your product’s success.  Please note that Melanie will not consult nor endorse a product that does not align with her professional philosophies.

“Melanie has been an invaluable advisor to our company from the beginning. Her expert guidance ensures that the information we’re pushing out to parents is accurate and the products we’re developing are grounded in the physiological science of child development.

Doug Gonterman, President | CEO of

Professional Inquiries

Organizations in the fields of Child Care, Early Intervention and Pediatrics look to Melanie for expert mentoring for their staff.  Please contact Melanie for more information.